Daily Sketch - Belette (le Visiteur du Futur)

J’ai du mal à me décider sur comment je l’imagine mais je voulais juste qu’elle ai l’aire badass :) 

Clothilde IV - Speedpaint

I did this back in february but I never posted an edited version for some reasons :)

Result here

United Kingdom

Daft Baby Punk & #32

One of the kids where I’m staying wanted me to draw Storm for him

Le visiteur avec des crayons de couleur pourris :)

Daily sketch ;)

Anonyme said: Hi! May I asked that if you could drawing a pic of bunnymund hugging Jamie? Please >w<

Hi Anon! 

I usually don’t really do requests (except for the color-palette thingy) but I have the week off so I’ll consider doing it :)

Plus it’s a really cute request, I love it!