One of the kids where I’m staying wanted me to draw Storm for him

Le visiteur avec des crayons de couleur pourris :)

Daily sketch ;)

Anonyme said: Hi! May I asked that if you could drawing a pic of bunnymund hugging Jamie? Please >w<

Hi Anon! 

I usually don’t really do requests (except for the color-palette thingy) but I have the week off so I’ll consider doing it :)

Plus it’s a really cute request, I love it!

Electroma/Instant Crush

(Touch - The Game of Love - Within)

daerys replied to your post: Le Visiteur & #3 asked by Anonymou…

I think it’s great !

Thank you!! :) 

The thing is I don’t like this style so much I think.It’s not that bad but there’s something bothering me… Don’t know what though.

Le Visiteur & #3 asked by Anonymous.

I tried a new style for this one but I’m not so happy about it

Daily sketch!